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Resilience: what helps us heal from hurt

There is some mystery involved in the question of why, following a loss or a breakup or a traumatic event, some people have more difficulty rebounding  than others.   Suffering comes to all of us, and apparently we are equipped differently … Continue reading

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How to have a nervous breakdown

Stress getting to you? Humor is a powerful coping mechanism.  Sometimes a dip into the outrageous is a great respite from the grind of everyday, or from an overwhelming burden we don’t know what to do with.  Right now, with … Continue reading

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Emotional abuse

The wounds of physical abuse leave a visible mark.   But words can wound too, and in quiet ways that are just as damaging.  Emotional wounds can be deep and terrible.  They leave us feeling isolated, because they are covert.   This … Continue reading

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Finding peace while angry: the Gulf disaster continues

Here in Louisiana, an unimaginable drama continues to unfold.  The broken well deep below the Gulf of Mexico continues to spew oil, sending  toxic  gunk into our wetlands .  This was never supposed to happen.  We take it personally.  Complete … Continue reading

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