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The recovering perfectionist

You know who you are.  You’re the one who  can’t post a blog or turn in an assignment until it’s been edited and proofread 47 times, in case it can still be improved.  Sometimes it never gets turned in.  You … Continue reading

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Damaged trust: love, with a long handled spoon

Part of our awakening as grownups is the realization that people we have trusted, have not always deserved it.   Perhaps it comes as a hurtful surprise.   We want to believe that others have warm thoughts and benign intentions toward us.   … Continue reading

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Crossing our fingers, yet again

The wait has been excruciating.  Oil has been gushing beneath our Gulf nonstop for 87 days, while the engineers of BP have tried one iffy technique after another to stop it.   This day has brought the first encouraging sign, and … Continue reading

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The silent treatment

I’ve wondered why people find silence so uncomfortable.   We live in a noisy world, and yet a lot of people seem to feel strange when it stops. True enough, some kinds of silence can be unnerving.  We have all been … Continue reading

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Chocolate and depression: the research is in

Chocolate is the quintessential comfort food.  When you’re depressed and there’s no easy solution, chances are you might be somebody who thinks the moment could be improved by adding chocolate.   It’s part of our folk wisdom.   I have saved a … Continue reading

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Peace, online: where do you find it?

One of the great ironies of our lives is that the more connected we are electronically, the more we love it and require it, and the more we take our stress everywhere we go.  Our beloved electronic devices are always … Continue reading

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