Peace, online: where do you find it?

One of the great ironies of our lives is that the more connected we are electronically, the more we love it and require it, and the more we take our stress everywhere we go.  Our beloved electronic devices are always with us and eternally connected to the internet, and there is no longer any such place as “away”.

Or is there?

Perhaps it is no longer possible to unplug for very long, but the steady stream of online busyness can pause for a breather, without the risk letting go of the connections that sustain you.  Much as you love your Facebook friends and depend upon frequent updates about your work in progress, your money, your avatar, the latest political crisis, or the ever-changing plan for next weekend, sometimes you still need a break in the action.

What works as an online oasis for you, a place where you can go for a moment while waiting for a response, or sorting out your options?  Sometimes we can get productively lost, even just briefly, in a visual image.  Check out the new collection of photography links on this blog.  It will continue to grow as inspiration allows.  Think of it as a mental health “refresh button”.  Even a brief visit to an oasis can help us replenish our energy for the journey already in progress.

The gift of an online oasis is that it is a quick step away.  It takes you outside the rush of events, and momentarily, outside the box.  Nobody needs to know.


About Lynn Schlossberger

I am a mental health counselor, writer and photographer living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
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One Response to Peace, online: where do you find it?

  1. Hi, Lynn,

    I want to let you know that I’m receiving these blog entries and enjoying them very much. What a wonderful gift you are giving us by writing them!

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