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Staying afloat: finger painted turtles, the kindness of strangers, and Hurricane Katrina

Five years have passed now since The Storm came ashore by New Orleans, and the surreal drama of Hurricane Katrina began to unfold.   It is part of our folklore now.  Louisiana people had gone through this many times before; that … Continue reading

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Solo socks, resentment, and other wierd stuff we hold onto

Holding on is a poignant response to a changing life.  We hold onto all kinds of things.  Spiral notebooks from college.   Multitudes of sea shells.  Totebags full of craft projects abandoned in the middle of the journey.  The lens cap … Continue reading

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Out of the fog: landmarks in a time of spiritual anxiety

Inner peace is hard to come by right now.  Even before we stick the key in the front door, we are uneasy about friendships that aren’t what they used to be, job insecurity, climate change, neighbors who pray in foreign … Continue reading

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Anxiety goes multicultural: the mosque at Ground Zero

If ever we needed proof that spiritual yearning is universal, and not limited to religious people, just notice how reverently we all speak about Ground Zero, the site of the 9/11 terrorist atrocity in lower Manhattan.  Regardless of background, that … Continue reading

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If a pill could end your grief, would you take it?

Grief is a natural process that brings suffering.  So it has always been, when we lose someone or something with great personal meaning in our lives.  Mental health professionals have twisted themselves in a pretzel trying to figure out what … Continue reading

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