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Addiction to Farmville, and other online temptations

Internet addiction is one of those insidious habits that sneaks up on a person.   Everybody knows that cocaine is a bad idea, gambling the risk of a stroke or a desperate existence, for a brief high.  But growing virtual chili … Continue reading

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Does being manic make a person more interesting?

Anytime somebody is described as manic, you expect excitement.  It’s an ambiguous term that resonates  in the popular culture with affection, and also has a starring role in a clinical diagnosis.  Being manic is easy to caricature: it’s the friend … Continue reading

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Sometimes we find it hard to be alone with ourselves.   What could that be about?  Figuring it out could lead to making more careful choices in our social lives, without the urgency of finding somebody (or an impressive  Facebook friend … Continue reading

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Burning the Quran, public madness, and a possible antidote

This year, the anniversary of 9/11 will be remembered for the crackpot theology of a preacher in Gainesville, Florida, who has announced his plan to burn 1,000 copies of the Quran, the Muslim holy book, on that solemn day.  He … Continue reading

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Green therapy is going mainstream

Once an alternative treatment, green therapy (aka ecopsychology, aka ecotherapy) is becoming more familiar now, beyond the rain forests and retreat centers of the west.   Being at home in the world, of course, means many things; being at peace with … Continue reading

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