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Could you forgive your partner for bringing home HIV/AIDS?

Forgiveness is admirable.  As therapy and as spiritual practice, it comes highly recommended, along with justice, to heal from a wrong we have suffered.  But for someone who receives an HIV diagnosis, when the deadly virus came from their life … Continue reading

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Split personality vs being of two minds

Let me just make this clear: you’re probably not crazy, even if it feels that way sometimes.  Being at odds with yourself, about changing your career or getting a tattoo, or whether the guy you are texting right now is … Continue reading

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Honor our veterans. Tell them you’ll feel the same way if they get counseling.

Lots of stars and stripes are in view on days that honor veterans.   Symbols of solidarity are powerful, and yet emotional support of a more personal kind may be more urgent right now.   Nobody knows for sure how many military … Continue reading

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Post-election sadness, and repair of the world

We play politics with great intensity; we fight hard, and take the outcome to heart.  The issues may be ambiguous and complicated, but elections are not.  They end with somebody winning and somebody losing.  The world is changed, with a … Continue reading

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