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Airport spirituality

Our journey  to somewhere distant for the holidays might have prompted an airport experience this week.  They are remarkable places, offering experiences sometimes referred to as liminal, or threshold-like.  Time spent on the threshold, the place in between, can be … Continue reading

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Emptiness is not depression. Antidepressants won’t help. What then?

Familiar with that vague sense that something isn’t right?  It can feel like going through the motions: get up, go to work, come home, do it again.  The boxful of holiday decorations feels like just another item on your endless … Continue reading

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Fear of abandonment

Is there anything more chilling than the thought of being suddenly, unexpectedly stranded? It is in our nature to live in relationship with other people.  We organize our lives around the relationships we come to rely on: the family we … Continue reading

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