Most popular posts of 2010, and a question (well, two). Please read.

Creating a blog for sharing with people you know, and people you don’t, turns out to be quite a humbling adventure.  I’ve embarked on it as a way to bring together a number of interests: mental health, counseling, midlife, the spiritual journey, and the chance to observe how all of us, companions on this journey, are faring in a rapidly changing culture.  Of course I hope others find these things interesting too.  I want the blog to improve in response to what readers find meaningful, from my own unique take on things.  One way I am learning is by noticing which posts have been read most often.  Below are links to the most popular posts in the first months of the Insight Blog, in case you’re curious, and may have missed them.

I would be most grateful if you would take a moment to respond to two survey questions as well, to help me get a better understanding of your interest in the various topics I have posted on, and of how you have come to read the blog in the first place.  Your responses don’t uniquely identify you.  You are of course invited to share your viewpoint in more detail, anytime.

Thank you for visiting!  Together, we are more insightful.

Most popular post of 2010 (ta daaa):     Chocolate and depression: the research is in

Second:  The silent treatment

Third:    Anxiety goes multicultural: the mosque at ground zero

Fourth:    The roommate from hell: the cyberbully and the gay violinist

Fifth:         If a pill could end your grief, would you take it?

Sixth:         Split personality vs being of two minds


About Lynn Schlossberger

I am a mental health counselor, writer and photographer living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
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