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Allies in life and in the workplace: who has your back?

On some ordinary Thursday in the middle of a time of peace, it might not be a bad idea to take stock of who your allies are, in this journey of life.  An ever-changing coterie of good souls who show … Continue reading

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Meltdown: maintaining calm while the reactor is glowing

There are not enough  words for the tragedy unfolding in Japan: earthquake, tsunami, awakening, nightmare scenario, meltdown.   While we bear witness, the narrative changes by the hour, outcome unknowable and terrifying.   It is possible for the damaged reactor site at … Continue reading

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Giving up depression for Lent

The party is well and truly over.  The last parade has rolled, and the Mardi Gras beads are stashed in the closet, where the cats will find them later.   Now comes the silence.   Lent is a season of meditation, repentance, … Continue reading

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