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How to replenish yourself: self care for news junkies, advocates and do gooders

If you are passionate about your work, it never stops.   A person whose heart is engaged in the work of observing, analyzing, and healing the world will never be bored, and yet she just might be exhausted.  Finding balance is … Continue reading

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Anti-bullying bill defeated for protecting gay kids: a therapist’s take

On Thursday, the Louisiana legislature rejected HB 112, the “Safe Schools Act,” which clarified existing law requiring schools to protect kids from bullying.  How could this be? Bullying can be easily overlooked, because it includes hurtful talk.  The bill named … Continue reading

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How to trust yourself to pick a therapist (you picked a cellphone, right?)

Imagine that you have reached a moment in life when you need to work out something painful and problematic.   Your best friend is not getting it, and today the I Ching seems disturbingly vague.  You want to feel more hopeful … Continue reading

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A sliver of depression may be better than none at all

It is in our nature to seek pleasure and avoid suffering.   The worlds of mental health and spirituality converge around this desire: for a life which brings peace, passion, and meaningful work.  Depression is painful and sometimes dangerous, and so … Continue reading

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