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How to cultivate gratitude when you’re stressed

In this season of nostalgia, we have a deeply felt yearning for community, for home, where we are understood, and where affection and mutual gratitude flow. But we don’t always have a toasty hearth to sustain us. How do we come to a place of authentic gratitude anyhow? Continue reading

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The ambiguous art of socially acceptable lying

Does this morsel of social psychology make you laugh? One of my facebook friends, a chef, posted recently that 7% of Americans have passed off a storebought pie as homemade. Lying is tricky business. Continue reading

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Taking depression seriously: can we just let go of negative thoughts?

We are surrounded with a sea of potential remedies for depression: herbs, pharmaceuticals, therapy, chocolate, and people who tell us to “just cheer up”. Really? Is that possible? Continue reading

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