I have a feeling that the old ways of seeking personal insight are shifting as rapidly as our ways of getting the news.  Depression, anxiety, conflict and feeling lost in the universe are still challenges in need of effective responses, but those responses are no longer located in a single discipline.  For that reason, I’ve created insight.reflection.blog, as a place where the spiritual and the psychological dimensions of our lives in the internet era can be explored, in language that we share.

This blog will focus on several features our shared human journey: How to do better than just cope with stress, but to flourish in stressful times.  Introspection about our social encounters.  Reflection from a therapist’s point of view on some of the dramatic, crazy events of our shared world.  I believe in living multiculturally, and seeing the world through more than one lens.  I hope others are intrigued by this possibility.

I practice mental health counseling online at  Insight Counseling, and in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  I also work in the nonprofit world where my diverse clients include depression and relationship crisis, but also the special needs of people who have survived Hurricane Katrina, people living with HIV/AIDS in a city ranked #3 per capita in the nation, and people of ethnic minority groups who so often lack access to mental health services.

My spiritual bias is that the experience of the sacred cannot be contained in any one tradition, and is not limited to people who call themselves religious.  (More on spirituality on my website.  You’re cordially invited.)  All of us have an inner life and a spiritual journey in search of our place in the universe.  I have been trained as a spiritual director in the contemplative tradition, and see elements of the spiritual in the midst of everyday, ordinary moments.

I plan to post a blog weekly.   If you’d like to receive an email when there’s a new post, just click on the subscribe button.  Welcome!  Come back soon.


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