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I am a mental health counselor, writer and photographer living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Regrouping: what to do with yourself on the day after

We all have days that are off script, interruptions in our normal lives, when gravity is temporarily suspended.  Some exceptional moments are luscious: somebody we miss shows up unexpectedly; our candidate wins; some cosmic key turns, and we fall down … Continue reading

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Repairing friendships that were casualties of the political season

The campaign season was not eternal, after all. Yesterday we inaugurated our president. Finally it ‘s over, and it’s time to shift focus to our intimate world, and to our friendships. How have they fared, while we were preoccupied? Continue reading

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Grieving for strangers: what to do with our hearts, after Newtown

Like any therapist, I hear a lot of sad stories.  Betrayal, illness, tragic loss.  Empathy is a requirement of the job; we journey with our clients, taking in their struggles and their suffering.   Yet, paradoxically, we must learn to manage … Continue reading

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What hurricane images stir up: reflections on being spiritual but not necessarily religious

Millions are still in darkness, as we begin to absorb the vastness of Hurricane Sandy.  The sharing of video and digital images, now that we are constantly connected, have made us all witnesses in real time.  First comes exhalation.   Before … Continue reading

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Holding onto sanity, while keeping up with the news

The process of electing a president takes a toll on our emotional wellbeing, no doubt about it.   We are constantly being spun; the illusion of objective reporting of the news is gone. Social media provide moment-to-moment updates on opinion polling … Continue reading

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Holding office while Bipolar

Should mental illness disqualify a person from serving in high public office?  Public perception is a different thing from a clinical assessment, of course.   You know that stigma is still alive and well, when a member of Congress takes a … Continue reading

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Bearing witness: reflections on the Sikh temple shooting, and our own broken hearts

What does normal mean?  On August 5 in this violent, crazy summer of 2012, a lone gunman with strong white supremacist credentials showed up at the Sikh Temple of Oak Creek, Wisconsin and opened fire on worshipers he had never … Continue reading

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