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Regrouping: what to do with yourself on the day after

We all have days that are off script, interruptions in our normal lives, when gravity is temporarily suspended.  Some exceptional moments are luscious: somebody we miss shows up unexpectedly; our candidate wins; some cosmic key turns, and we fall down … Continue reading

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What hurricane images stir up: reflections on being spiritual but not necessarily religious

Millions are still in darkness, as we begin to absorb the vastness of Hurricane Sandy.  The sharing of video and digital images, now that we are constantly connected, have made us all witnesses in real time.  First comes exhalation.   Before … Continue reading

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Zen in a noisy workplace

Sit with this paradox: where is the calm center of the chaos that is your work day?  If you can find it, you may find your greatest capacity for the work, while holding onto your wits. This kind of language … Continue reading

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How to lose yourself, without losing your identity

Is the thought of letting go of your everyday self exhilarating, or comforting, or terrifying?  Yes.  It happens daily, without hesitation, when we drift off into daydreams, cinema, or into sleep.  Choosing consciously to let ourselves go, on the other … Continue reading

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How to cultivate gratitude when you’re stressed

In this season of nostalgia, we have a deeply felt yearning for community, for home, where we are understood, and where affection and mutual gratitude flow. But we don’t always have a toasty hearth to sustain us. How do we come to a place of authentic gratitude anyhow? Continue reading

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Taking depression seriously: can we just let go of negative thoughts?

We are surrounded with a sea of potential remedies for depression: herbs, pharmaceuticals, therapy, chocolate, and people who tell us to “just cheer up”. Really? Is that possible? Continue reading

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Offbeat forms of meditation: finding peace while stuck in traffic

You have probably encountered traditional images of meditation, seen in media ads for everything from travel destinations to financial planning to quiet luxury cars: a practice of sitting cross-legged on the floor in a serene setting, eyes closed, transported somewhere … Continue reading

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