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Holding onto sanity, while keeping up with the news

The process of electing a president takes a toll on our emotional wellbeing, no doubt about it.   We are constantly being spun; the illusion of objective reporting of the news is gone. Social media provide moment-to-moment updates on opinion polling … Continue reading

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Holding office while Bipolar

Should mental illness disqualify a person from serving in high public office?  Public perception is a different thing from a clinical assessment, of course.   You know that stigma is still alive and well, when a member of Congress takes a … Continue reading

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Zen in a noisy workplace

Sit with this paradox: where is the calm center of the chaos that is your work day?  If you can find it, you may find your greatest capacity for the work, while holding onto your wits. This kind of language … Continue reading

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Holiday travel angst: how to find peace no matter where you are

If you’re far from home right now, or en route to a holiday destination, there’s a decent likelihood of onboard stress. Frustrating, too, as the holiday journey has such good intent: reconnecting with loved ones; replenishing our spirits on a … Continue reading

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How to cultivate self esteem, when you’re so far behind on your to do list

Pausing for coffee and scanning our life journey, we clearly have more to do: books unread, closets unorganized, financial and career goals not on track. The feeling of falling behind takes a toll on self-esteem. Where’s the irony? Where’s the reset button? Continue reading

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Our scars make us more interesting

If you’ve gotten this far without being wounded by life, you’ve been incredibly fortunate. There is no need for shame in bearing scars. But are we overlooking something? Continue reading

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Do you have permission to let go of stress?

Ever have the experience of sitting down to talk, and having no idea where to start?  There is more than one plot line to our lives. A client might sit down in my office with updates in unfolding concurrent dramas: … Continue reading

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