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Holding onto sanity, while keeping up with the news

The process of electing a president takes a toll on our emotional wellbeing, no doubt about it.   We are constantly being spun; the illusion of objective reporting of the news is gone. Social media provide moment-to-moment updates on opinion polling … Continue reading

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Our scars make us more interesting

If you’ve gotten this far without being wounded by life, you’ve been incredibly fortunate. There is no need for shame in bearing scars. But are we overlooking something? Continue reading

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Let go of stress for a minute, and savor temporary things

I thought I had a full Saturday morning schedule.  Then, dashing down the block en route to the farmers’ market, it was disrupted in an instant by a carpet of tiny purple blossoms fallen from a crepe myrtle tree, strewn … Continue reading

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Emotional spring cleaning: letting go, making space

Stress has been piling up lately, as it does whenever relationships are complicated, the economy is shaky, and politics are polarized.   Unexamined stress accumulates gradually, like the miscellaneous stuff in your top bureau drawer, and we avoid going there.   We … Continue reading

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