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Grieving for strangers: what to do with our hearts, after Newtown

Like any therapist, I hear a lot of sad stories.  Betrayal, illness, tragic loss.  Empathy is a requirement of the job; we journey with our clients, taking in their struggles and their suffering.   Yet, paradoxically, we must learn to manage … Continue reading

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Bearing witness: reflections on the Sikh temple shooting, and our own broken hearts

What does normal mean?  On August 5 in this violent, crazy summer of 2012, a lone gunman with strong white supremacist credentials showed up at the Sikh Temple of Oak Creek, Wisconsin and opened fire on worshipers he had never … Continue reading

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Grieving what has never been

Making peace with losing what we want to keep is hard.  We understand  impermanence in the abstract, but still, our hearts crave continuity.   The loss of a job, a relationship, or a loved one leads us to offer tender rituals … Continue reading

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