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Regrouping: what to do with yourself on the day after

We all have days that are off script, interruptions in our normal lives, when gravity is temporarily suspended.  Some exceptional moments are luscious: somebody we miss shows up unexpectedly; our candidate wins; some cosmic key turns, and we fall down … Continue reading

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Fear of abandonment

Is there anything more chilling than the thought of being suddenly, unexpectedly stranded? It is in our nature to live in relationship with other people.  We organize our lives around the relationships we come to rely on: the family we … Continue reading

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Grieving what has never been

Making peace with losing what we want to keep is hard.  We understand  impermanence in the abstract, but still, our hearts crave continuity.   The loss of a job, a relationship, or a loved one leads us to offer tender rituals … Continue reading

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Damaged trust: love, with a long handled spoon

Part of our awakening as grownups is the realization that people we have trusted, have not always deserved it.   Perhaps it comes as a hurtful surprise.   We want to believe that others have warm thoughts and benign intentions toward us.   … Continue reading

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