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Regrouping: what to do with yourself on the day after

We all have days that are off script, interruptions in our normal lives, when gravity is temporarily suspended.  Some exceptional moments are luscious: somebody we miss shows up unexpectedly; our candidate wins; some cosmic key turns, and we fall down … Continue reading

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Solo on Valentine’s Day: We’re fine, thanks. So why are we depressed?

Being solo in a culture designed for couples means you regularly need a sense of humor. In February, when we are barraged with images of rosebuds, twinkly gifts and Valentine spa retreats for couples, the ante is raised. Being solo is ok, right? Continue reading

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Fear of abandonment

Is there anything more chilling than the thought of being suddenly, unexpectedly stranded? It is in our nature to live in relationship with other people.  We organize our lives around the relationships we come to rely on: the family we … Continue reading

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Sometimes we find it hard to be alone with ourselves.   What could that be about?  Figuring it out could lead to making more careful choices in our social lives, without the urgency of finding somebody (or an impressive  Facebook friend … Continue reading

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Solo socks, resentment, and other wierd stuff we hold onto

Holding on is a poignant response to a changing life.  We hold onto all kinds of things.  Spiral notebooks from college.   Multitudes of sea shells.  Totebags full of craft projects abandoned in the middle of the journey.  The lens cap … Continue reading

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Sometimes, depression seems awfully reasonable

What can be more vexing to a depressed person than being encouraged to “look on the bright side”?  Sometimes we have a compelling reason to feel depressed, and those urgings by loved ones can seem disrespectful or out of touch.  … Continue reading

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