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How to trust yourself to pick a therapist (you picked a cellphone, right?)

Imagine that you have reached a moment in life when you need to work out something painful and problematic.   Your best friend is not getting it, and today the I Ching seems disturbingly vague.  You want to feel more hopeful … Continue reading

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Split personality vs being of two minds

Let me just make this clear: you’re probably not crazy, even if it feels that way sometimes.  Being at odds with yourself, about changing your career or getting a tattoo, or whether the guy you are texting right now is … Continue reading

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Scared silly: why do we like haunted houses?

Perhaps, a few millennia from now, archaeologists from another world will study how we earthlings experience fear.  If they do, they will notice several incongruous things.  First, humans of the early 21st century swallowed a lot of expensive medication to … Continue reading

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Five ways to show your brain a little love

There’s a great deal of mystery, still, about how everything we know about ourselves,  from how we find peace, to who we love, to what we like for breakfast, lives within the  circuitry of the brain.  Somewhere in there are … Continue reading

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Green therapy is going mainstream

Once an alternative treatment, green therapy (aka ecopsychology, aka ecotherapy) is becoming more familiar now, beyond the rain forests and retreat centers of the west.   Being at home in the world, of course, means many things; being at peace with … Continue reading

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If a pill could end your grief, would you take it?

Grief is a natural process that brings suffering.  So it has always been, when we lose someone or something with great personal meaning in our lives.  Mental health professionals have twisted themselves in a pretzel trying to figure out what … Continue reading

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The recovering perfectionist

You know who you are.  You’re the one who  can’t post a blog or turn in an assignment until it’s been edited and proofread 47 times, in case it can still be improved.  Sometimes it never gets turned in.  You … Continue reading

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