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What hurricane images stir up: reflections on being spiritual but not necessarily religious

Millions are still in darkness, as we begin to absorb the vastness of Hurricane Sandy.  The sharing of video and digital images, now that we are constantly connected, have made us all witnesses in real time.  First comes exhalation.   Before … Continue reading

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Chasing the wild goose: how to cultivate a spiritual life if you’re allergic to dogma

Everybody has a secret part that yearns to be startled out of normal life and blown away: by love that touches your deepest self, by music for the oboe, by mountains that disappear into the fog, by justice getting the … Continue reading

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Sometimes we find it hard to be alone with ourselves.   What could that be about?  Figuring it out could lead to making more careful choices in our social lives, without the urgency of finding somebody (or an impressive  Facebook friend … Continue reading

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Spirituality, online

The spiritual practice of mindfulness is gaining some interest in the popular culture.    It offers an alternative to the unsatisfying way that we can eat an entire bag of popcorn before we notice how it tastes.   Mindfulness is the discipline … Continue reading

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Sometimes, depression seems awfully reasonable

What can be more vexing to a depressed person than being encouraged to “look on the bright side”?  Sometimes we have a compelling reason to feel depressed, and those urgings by loved ones can seem disrespectful or out of touch.  … Continue reading

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