Why online counseling works

Counseling is a human connection.  It involves bringing together somebody with a desire for change, who may have a rich assortment of life’s vexations (is this you?), with somebody prepared to listen and help you find clarity.   Counseling is about the relationship, regardless of the place.   The standards of professionalism and ethics are exactly the same online, as in traditional face to face counseling.

Online counseling takes advantage of the convenience of social media, to bring counseling services into your world.

It has several advantages:

Online counseling is available when and where you are. You can email at 2am.

Counseling can happen by email or texting; it allows you to pause and reflect, writing when the spirit moves you.

Online counseling gives access to unique services located somewhere else.  I serve clients anywhere in Louisiana.

Online counseling is private.  Some people find it more comfortable to receive services without the emotional and practical challenges of going to a counseling office.

Also, there’s no problem with finding parking.

If you are already comfortable taking care of banking, shopping, and entertainment online, online counseling might be a welcome addition to your world.  Ready to give it a try?  Come check out my website at Insight Counseling.


3 Responses to Why online counseling works

  1. You created several good points there. I did a lookup about the subject matter and observed mainly folks will have the very same opinion with the site.

  2. Susie says:

    “You can email at 2am”…Yes, but when do you get a response?

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